VR Development – BriteLites


The last post about VR technology I wrote with really no preface as to why write about VR other than I wanted to so this post serves (I should hope) as a preface as to why VR. VR Technology is not groundbreaking, its been around for years along with the buckets of scifi tropes giving VR the center stage, so what makes VR exciting?


There are the Oculus rift, the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR headsets positional tracking and specs to boast and each come with there own set of accessories these however require an expensive high end host PC. But these days everyone with access to a super computer in their pocket has the option of buying one of the mobile headsets to begin their own VR experience.

With mobile headsets like the Google Daydream, Samsung Gear, and flavors of Google Cardboard VR is an affordable option for anyone and everyone to develop and or consume VR content. Unity Game Engine, Unreal game engine to name a few support application development integrating the hardware sdk libraries and a great wealth of developer tools to quickly get develop a VR app.



Then the next question is what makes a great VR experience? I have the Samsung Gear with out any of the peripheral accessories, so I brainstormed simplicity. How can I make a VR experience enjoyable using only interaction supported by the headset, ie motion and touchpad? I reflected upon my early childhood playing litebrite with my friends and how that was such a fun experience and thought that would port to a great VR experience, and have started prototyping.


I decided the simpler the experience would immerse and ultimately give the user an intuitive sense of presence. The controls utilize user head movements to explore a world of spherical lites and the touchpad to select different colored lites and clear lites. BriteLites will be available to download through the oculus store for free in the near distant future.



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